Metal welding at American Metalcraft industries includes the use of M.I.G., T.I.G., and Flux Core welding techniques.

AWS Certified Welders

  • AWS D1.1:2000 – Structural Welding Code Steel
  • AWS D1.2/D1.2M:2008 – Structural Code Aluminum
  • AWS D1.6/D1.6M:2007 – Structural Welding Code Stainless Steel
  • B2.1-8-212:2001 – Standard Welding Procedure Specification for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (M-8/P-8/S-8. Group 1) 1/16” through 1-1/2” thk
  • AWS D9.1M/9.1:2012 Sheet Metal Welding Code

Can also provide WPS and PQR upon request

American Metalcraft Industries - Welding